Friday, January 26, 2018

Winter Again:

Additional Pictures of our Winter/Polar unit:

Building igloos out of sugar cubes: a little bit of STEM:
It was a love/hate experience.  Some of the kiddos got them to stack easily and some got frustrated as they kept falling down.  We didn't let them give up though.  We showed them how to balance them and to have them lean on each other to help them stay up.



Making Polar Bears:
We used cotton balls to make the fur on the polar bears.  We learned all about how polar bears live.  They like to live alone except for when mama polar bears have babies.  We learned that they like to eat seals and walruses and that they can smell a seal that is under 3 feet of ice.  Polar bears are also very good swimmers, they can swim up to 10 miles.


How many white squares and rectangles can we fit on our igloo?  Be sure to not cover up the entrance.


 Igloos and Bears at the light table.
We separated the bears by size and saw how many would fit in the igloos.


Inside gym time:
In the gym we play games that help us learn to skip, slide, hop and go backwards.  Working on those gross motor skills.

Thanks so much for all of the donations for our military families.  Our classroom did a great job of collecting.  The children also worked on making "thank you" cards to stick in the boxes too!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy New Year!

Christmas Recap:


Our classroom nativity set including camels, wisemen, the inn and more.  This lets the children act out the Christmas story in their own ways.  Occasionally Santa visits the nativity too!


Table Activities:
 -Scooping the ornaments.  This working on their hand/eye coordination and other fine motor skills.
 -Rolling the dice and matching:  We would roll the dice with shapes on it, then find the matching shape on the Christmas tree and then mark it with a bingo dotter.
-Color matching:  Matching the pom pom balls with the ornaments on the tree.
-Dressing Santa:  What crazy outfits can we put Santa in?


-Match the bells:  We have different size bells and the children had to match the circle circumference of each bell on the paper.
-Tongs and gifts:  We are using the tongs to pick up presents and put them in the coordinating plate color to match.  Again, this is a great fine motor activity.



-Letter matching:  Christmas words such as, Mary and Joseph, Santa, Angel, Jesus, etc...

 We had a magnetic bulletin board nativity scene that the children could move around and play with.


-We made puffy paint out of shaving cream, glue and paint.  We read the story of "The Gingerbread Baby" and then we recreated him with the puffy paint.


-Free art and Angels:
We used the silver and gold paint and then used the glitter to make it even shinier.  We talked a lot about the angels that were throughout the Nativity story.


-We filled our book area with MANY Christmas books.
-Tracing at the light table:  This is working on their writing skills using those little muscles in their hands.


-Wrapping gifts for our parents!
-Playing with our Santa's workshop at the light table.

Proud of his easel creation!

Moving on in January: All about Winter and Animals that live in colder climates!

-Last week we focused on snow, snowmen, ice and mittens.  This week we are diving into animals that live in colder weather.  Today we focused on Penguins.  They all think Macaroni penguins are the best.


Rolling white paint onto bubble wrap then having to press the paper on top of it to create our "snow."
We then used these pictures as a background, once they were dry, to glue our homemade snowmen on.  These are currently hanging in the hallway.  Very cute too!


Again, building up those fine motor skills for writing.  We traced the squiggle lines and then if they wanted to cut the lines they could.

-We read the story, "The Mitten."  We then made our own mitten and filled it with all the animals from the story as a "story extension."  
-We also did animal matching using all the animals from the story.

 Making our own mittens in the art area!

We had an unexpected dance party in the classroom!

Nothing better than seeing these three young ladies reading the bible!

In our bible story this week, we are talking about John the Baptist and Jesus getting baptized.  We set up a spot in our room to "baptize" our baby dolls.

One of our friends reading to another friend in our class!

In our "Jesus" time last week we learned all about Jesus as a boy in the temple and this week we are learning about the baptism of Jesus.  

Monday, November 13, 2017


Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My:
We are starting on a Zoo unit this month.  We created a "web" to discuss and chart everything we know or want to know about zoos.  We are blessed to have an amazing zoo here in St.Louis so it was easy for the children to shout out all they knew about a zoo.

Zoo:  So far, we have talked all about what a "habitat" is and what the zookeepers do.  We then moved onto Tigers and now we are going to talk about peacocks.

*There is a song that the kids are loving called, "Tiger in the Jungle."  You can find it on youtube, by "Storybots."  It is only a minute and a half long, but they love it.


We are golf ball painting tiger stripes!

Letter Matching:

Working together to find the right letters.

Animal matching and Animal puzzles:

Tracing the word "zoo" at the light table and working on our names:

Building homes for our zoo animals and pretend play:

Making zoo enclosures with the animals:

Matching the zoo animal with the pattern
Looking at our Zoo map and learning how to use the map:


Bible Stories:
We just finished up learning about Samuel and last week we talked all about Jericho.  We learned how Samuel had to listen to God.  All of the children made pictures with "big ears" attached to pictures of themselves.  Then they repeated, " Yes Lord, I am Listening."  We discussed how every time we pray, we are talking to God.  

Walls of Jericho:  Learning about the tumbling walls of Jericho.  We acted it out and the children built walls and even used our "little Jesus people" at the light table.

Easel Painting:


Practicing our Tornado Drill: